Digital Marketing trends: Is WhatsApp the Business new sexy?

WhatsApp Business digital marketing
WhatsApp Business

Although WhatsApp is not relatively new to all of us since its founding in 2009, it’s new business approach created by Facebook bring on a new range of possibilities and opportunities for Business, and this is why in Isaac Marketing Agency we are all into it. 

With more than 1.5 billions users per month by the end of 2017, no doubt why WhatsApp is a hot spot for companies to enhance user experience and customer service, as well to create awareness of their products and ultimately drive sales. This seems to be the reasonings behind Facebooks WhatsApp business initiative which is just available for android at the moment.

And what are the implications of this marketing new change?

First of all, we learned of the planning on merging of WhatsApp, Instagram chat and facebook Messenger so companies do not have to create chat bots and monitor three different chat apps but just one, therefore increasing efficiency and user experience. In addition the possibilities for the reach of the three platforms in one which would ultimately account for more than 2,5 billion users worldwide, are boundless.

How can WhatsApp Business help my company?

WhatsApp groups —> Focus groups?

There are more than 1 billion groups on WhatsApp. Yes exactly, those tedious groups that tend to bursts more than 100 messages in less than 1 minute and are almost impossible to follow, as well as all that funny (and sometimes not that funny) content they share and showcase. Because, how easy is to become viral through WhatsApp? This is exactly why thanks to WhatsApp business, companies will have the access to create groups that could provide viral capabilities, insights and extremely valuable information to their businesses.

Who is on WhatsApp, and why should my company care?
WhatsApp Usage by gender
Source: A Study of WhatsApp Usage Patterns and Prediction Models without Message Content

Apart from a clear perspective on the number of groups per average, in this table we can observe a clear winning from the female side on WhatsApp. This opens the door to  countless study opportunities on how women interact and react to WhatsApp actions from companies. In addition, companies directed to the female side of business have a clear advantage on showcasing their offers and create awareness among this group.

Time counts in digital marketing ? Yes, it does.

In 2017, WhatsApp users spent 2 billion minutes making voice and video calls per day.

However, more than 340 million minutes spent in the App translated into 85 billion hours using WhatsApp in 2018! If we translate this usage and time spent diving in the app to quality time that a user can interact and react to a brands offering, WhatsApp opens a new frontier to digital marketing.

Expanding business? 

How does 200 million users in India sound? And 180 countries where WhatsApp is present? If business expansion is on your to-do list, WhatsApp business might be a good starting point.

Potential problems of WhatsApp Business?

All highs have downs, and WhatsApp is not an exception. The use of the app and its popularity might as well derive from the core of its no advertisement aura, where users can talk and share freely without having to be bombarded by thousands of companies that try to sell meaningless products to them. This is the principal reason why WhatsApp Business might not be the best approach to the app, but more information will be needed in order to see what the future holds for this brave movement from Facebook!

Digital Marketing and WhatsApp in Isaac Agency

We are all about the future, and because of that we are monitoring very closely the ups and downs of WhatsApp, in order to asses if your business offerings match with this exciting new marketing opportunity. Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience, the digital landscape will be at your disposal in order to reach your expectations, and fulfil your goals in the new and exciting digital world on the phone.

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