The Marketing Ice-berg

Marketing has become one of the key elements inside a company’s toolset today. Previously, in the old era, there was a standing believe among business owners regarding the lack of importance of marketing, where most companies tend to assume that customers needed little assistance on their journey, and that the product could, by itself, penetrate the market easily without any further assistance. This initial lack of Marketing awareness led to a complete disregard for customer’s attitude and preferences toward the product, and the need of transferring that product’s features into benefits in order to create an appealing message.

Day by day, options become more and more available to consumers worldwide, forcing enterprises to create products to satisfy different customers’ preferences, increase competition capabilities to showcase their offerings, and enhance and monitor customer satisfaction. However, do more choices translate to more satisfaction? Understanding the customer is crucial, and this fact became obvious to business owners who understood that in an ever-increasing fast pathed world, they would need to understand almost perfectly their clients in order to create appealing propositions that derive into long-lasting value .

For these reasons marketing roles started to emerge and play as main drivers for businesses toward customers, resulting in the creation of the STP system (Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning), allowing organizations to identify their segment of customers, and then use offline marketing tools to deliver the company message (i.e. Vision, Mission, and values) to customers, differentiate themselves form other competitors.

But how do companies realise what their customers want and, what is more important, how do they reach them with an appealing message?

The Iceberg theory

As a first look, companies think that building a strong marketing communication mix is easy. In fact, it’s the hardest among all other corporate activities. These difficulties arise from the concept of iceberg and how the company correlates it to their marketing visions. Iceberg theory stipulates that just a very small amount (i.e. the tip) of the current available information is visible, whereas the bulk of real data and information is hidden (Underwater waiting to sink your ship).

The Iceberg Theory of Content

In correlation with marketing, the Iceberg Theory of Content stipulates that 80% of offline & online hidden work of data gathering and analysis will allow companies to generate the visible 20%, which will then be curated and targeted enough to appear to the customer in a valuable and engaging manner. In other words, some companies think that working on the 20% is enough in order to create an appealing message, but completely disregard that the other 80% is a hidden practice that forms the enormous base of any structured plan.

Therefore, the iceberg theory should be adapted to every marketing activity including content creation, Iceberg theory and website copy writing, and all other marketing tools and efforts.

The 20% of your iceberg tip is built on the 80% hidden underwater

Think before you move (Online and Offline Marketing Mix)

There are several things that should be determined before starting to communicate a message. This is the hardest part since, once you decide to start, you can’t stop the impact it will generate.

One of the most important things to know is where you stand. What you are trying to reach? What are your marketing values? And what is the best channel mix that you should use in order to deliver the message?

The point of determining where you stand now is to know what kind of information you should send. For example: if you are a start-up company you might think about delivering the message of a good quality and competitive prices, among many others. In addition, if you are already established in the market, your priorities differ based on your positioning and target. Sometimes you only want to ensure that you are there or sometimes the company might need only to focus on your after-sale services. As a result, different positions determine the way to communicate the marketing message, always based on each companies’, products’ and individuals’ necessities.

Your marketing values, which should be in-line with your corporate values, must be carefully determined before you start your marketing activities. A win-win situation must be built inside the company because customers do pay attention when the company has such spirit. However, if the marketing activities showcase the wrong intentions, a negative impact will be generated with unknown consequences. In addition, the mix you use to communicate the message is highly important and offline and online marketing tools should be carefully selected. It’s not the more you use, but the better you position yourself in; sometimes focusing on specific platforms is the solution, and this of course can be determined by a professional marketing agency. Your chosen agency can decide what is the right offline and online approaches to use, what kind of social media platforms to go through, which websites are the best for your online advertising and what kind of offline activities you must have.

Think before you pick your Marketing Agency

The quality of your digital marketing agency can be defined by the online and offline mix they build for you, which will ultimately generate gains and profits in both, Sales & Brand equity.

For offline marketing activities, usually the calculations are based on specific formulas which present the returns on you marketing activities as an investment. In addition, intangible return on brand equity should be forecasted.

In the digital world, the increase of total ‘page likes’ on each platform you have correlated with the increase of engagement rate on your posts and the use of creative content which lead to continuous engagement should also be taken into consideration. The building of strong SEO/SEM techniques which will present you at the top search queries before your competitors will also be key in an ever increasing digital landscape.

Finally, the mentality of being unique, analytical and creative will add a competitive advantage to your offerings, becoming hard to be copied by other agencies. In other words, your digital marketing agency should understand your 80% of hidden ice, in order to decide about the remaining showcased 20%.

At Isaac Agency, we will always stick to our code of ethics and moral, but also to the innovation that legality and common human accordance will allow   to be used for the advancement of society. Therefore, the monitoring on this new advantage on data managing will be some of the new trends on the future of the field.

Issac Marketing Agency

At Isaac Marketing agency, we believe that a deep analysis of our clients must be done before working on the 20% visible part of our clients Iceberg. For this reason, we offer an integrated Offline and Digital Marketing solutions mix which guarantees your presence on your customers’ preferred platforms, in an optimal and ideal way.

In addition, our main values, mission, vision and beliefs ensure that all our digital marketing and offline marketing practices, follow always an INNOVATIVE, SMART, ACTIVE, ADVENTUROUS and CHALLENGING approach, leading to the use of this latest technologic advancement, and the pursuit of the everlasting excellence that they provide.

Welcome to Tomorrow

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  1. This is true we need to be strategic and every business require marketing department without it no firm can survive in a long run….


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