Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing: Business’ Experts Insights (PODCAST)

Marketing as a dynamic role encountered many changes in the past decades. These changes where predominantly encountered in the tools used to reach customers, whose changes became more and more integrated with the traditional offline practices, prompting some major changes along the way. Nowadays, some marketers tend to focus on digital marketing and social media platforms (For more information check our blog post on Social Media: the town squares of tomorrow), and totally ignore offline tools, whereas other marketers see that the digital revolution is an important tool to reach the customers but with an integration with the old offline marketing tools. Nonetheless, some few marketers still only focus on offline marketing and tend not to believe in digital marketing at all.

Offline Marketing and the revolution of Digital Marketing

After the digital revolution, offline Marketing felled short as to fulfil people’s expectations, being replaced in many forms by its counterparts on digital tools (newspapers – online websites) – (yellow pages – Google maps). In other words, customers became more and more digital than offline. As a result, companies had to reshape their Communication strategies and re-build them based on a new structure, which encompassed a mix between the traditional offline marketing and the new digital marketing tools. By this, organisations ensured themselves to reach prospects and ensure customers loyalty.

As a result of the development of marketing in such era, companies’ owners now recognise its importance and roles. But that is not enough. Many companies fail when they tried to adapt and build their marketing plans and activities, and many other companies will fail later on in their ways to attract prospects and build loyal customers through different marketing platforms. The question that they should all ask is: why we fail with our offline and online marketing implementation? and how can we avoid such failures?

Today in our new edition of Marketing Business Insights at Isaac Agency, we bring a special guest who will enlighten us with his experience in the world of both digital and offline market, evoking some light on top of our most recent unknowns.

Isaac Marketing Agency Ingredients Mix

At Isaac marketing agency, we build your offline and online marketing mix. By deeply analysing your core marketing values, target customers, marketing objectives, and all others independent variable affecting your line of business, we are able to conceptualised, create and recommend a marketing mix of tools which can guarantee to spread your awareness, and increase your brand position on both offline and online presence.

The use of our tools will simplify the marketing process and make it more efficient and effective. Learn more about all the offline areas we cover and see how we could build your presence there.

Welcome to Isaac agency. Our knowledge and experience in the digital and offline world are here for you. At Isaac Marketing Agency, distances disappear between you and your customers.

Welcome to Tomorrow.

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