SEO Marketing in Dundee: Optimising to exist in the digital world (PODCAST)

There are over 40.000 searches in Google alone per second, every day of the year. From 10.000 a day in 1998 to 1.2 Trillion a year nowadays, there is no doubt on why Google is the internet giant by excellence with its more than 75% share on search engines around the globe.

The questions remains as: why is Search Engine Optimisation important for my business?

In short, just imagine being able to seize a small fraction of this astonishing percentage of 40.000 searches per second, and redirect it to your website; exciting right? 

However, is more complicated than that since, of course, you need to account for what product your business offers, how many people is interested in it on the searches and thousands of other factors. The Google algorithm is probably one of the most sophisticated and precises tools that have ever been created, improving on a daily basis in order to secure and deliver the best user experience for all the individuals searching needs online. 

But just don’t take our word for it regarding why SEO is one of the most useful and profitable practices in Digital Marketing. In this next session you will find one podcasts made by one of our team mates here at Issac agency, who engaged with Ferran Tobias, a Digital Marketing Expert with many years of expertise in SEO Marketing and Business Digitalisation. Ferran is an active colleague and collaborator of Isaac Marketing Agency based in Barcelona, who has agreed today to share the opinions and knowledge that he has gathered over the years regarding SEO practices and the Digital World.

There are countless methodologies, tricks and ways to design, create, set and optimise a webpage in order to boost its organic capabilities (Non paid ways to be on the first page of google) and reach as many customers as searches are a day.

What will we, at Isaac Marketing Agency, offer you in regards of SEO practices? Easy: years of expertise and recognised practises that are proven to boost Websites rankings to the first search pages. 

  1. Start with the SEO optimisation of the structure of your webpage, or Digitalisation of your Business with an additional Web Design and Creation
  2. Optimised Keyword research to identify the most viable search queries from customers, for your product or service,
  3. Content Creation based on Blog Posts, Social Media Marketing and web page sections in order to build your Domain Authority step by step,
  4. Analyse, learn, optimise, repeat. This cycle characterises our way of operating in the marketing world and has allowed us after countless experiences and expertise moments to realise that the ones who triumph, are always the first ones.

If you want more information about the Digital World and why Digital Marketing with an integrated SEO practice is one of the most important things to consider for 2019 and 2020, get a nice coffee, relax and check our lates posts on all this issues and more!

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