Web Design in Dundee and Scotland.

Web Design in Dundee

Nowadays, the base of an excellent marketing communication network does not exist in a company without having a unique design offering, which makes it easier for customers to reach the organisation’s core values. In order to deeply understand the role of web design in the integrated Digital Marketing Processes, the first that comes to mind is the question of what is a good Web Design and how can companies use this tool for their Relationship Marketing efforts.

From a scientific point of view, web design refers to the ability to build and maintain an overall web which is unique in each of his parts, including the web graphic design; interface design; authoring on standardized code and proprietary; user experience design; and search engine optimization.

Overall in practice, companies’ main goal for the web is to communicate and build digital awareness and showcase the products and services they represent, in a unique and simple way.

In Dundee and the united Kingdom as a whole, Web design is a major and core value of today’s businesses. There have been tremendous investments directed to improve online platforms in a way that create value for both customers and enterprises. Many web design agencies in the UK serve international brands globally, widespread in different cities in Britain including London, Cheshire, Edinburgh and, of course, Dundee. In the city of many discoveries there has been an upward trend of reputable digital agencies and marketing enterprise that offer their services to Scotland and the world, being us, Isaac Marketing agency, on of them thanks tour goals directed to serve global companies and become a role model in this domains.

More than 6 Digital Marketing companies based in Dundee alone

Reaching Target Markets Through digital Platforms

For starters, companies think that building and managing websites and other Digital Marketing platforms is easier than traditional offline marketing practices. In fact, it is a cheaper way to deliver your marketing mix message, but it’s the hardest to control if your message does not match your target audience’s preferences. The main characteristics that differentiate websites and online platforms of traditional marketing tools, are basically the sensitivity of mis-using them. The positive word of mouth, which is the core of marketing activities in order to build the brand image by being recommended, can nowadays be easily destroyed on the online world by a bad representation of the core values of the firm towards its online customers, which in turn can wild and virally spread throughout the world with catastrophic negative consequences. Comments, low ratings, reviews, all these elements can and will hurt the brand itself if faults occur online and are not well managed in time. However, if the company use its online presence in an innovative, smart and active way, the probability of converting prospect customers and maintaining user engagement and loyalty will be higher than with any other marketing tool.

Social Media platforms are not enough.

The use of social media is booming. As a result, some companies tend to use it in a wrong way by selling directly through different social platforms. Furthermore, they forget the importance of the base line: having a good website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms are social platforms by nature that allow you to build and maintain a relationship with your customers. However, successful online companies understood that the core value of these platforms are based on “socialising with customers” by being a part of their daily life and interact with them on a social level, rather than having block messages about your product range and specifications. The part that will represent the core of business is the website, which needs to be used as a core reference where interested customers can go through your social networks in order to meet and learn about the products/services you provide, while matching what they need with what you present, and get in touch with them in the exchange process. Therefore, a social media platform is not enough, a correlation with the core website is the point. Well curated and inventive Social media content is the perfect tool to transfer prospects from these platforms to your website but, as said, the more power you have on your website (i.e. marketing mix quality and website Creativity), the better conversion rates will result from such quality traffic.

Correlation with the core website is the point

What is coming next in Digital world and websites.

The Future of Digital Marketing and Websites is wide open. The development of new technologies, techniques and movements is fast, and the dynamic nature of  these online technologies gives it extra credit and importance. Developer tools will change the game in which creativity in concept design, the use of VR and AR, and other animation tools that are emerging in the internet, are increasingly becoming a time bomb which can explode in any time.

In addition, social media creative applications can be easily crystalized at one moment and would defiantly give much more power to this online era, specially if they correlate with the most innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

From Isaac Agency, we will always stick to our code of ethics and moral, but also to the innovation that legality and common human accordance will allow   to be used for the advancement of society. Therefore, the monitoring on this new advantage on data managing will be some of the new trends on the future of the field.

What does the Digital world and websites future look like?

Issac Marketing Agency

At Isaac Marketing agency, we provide you with a unique Web Design services and Social Media Marketing solutions , which will guarantee your presence on all of these online platforms in an optimal and ideal way.

In addition, our main values, mission, vision and beliefs ensure that all our digital marketing and offline marketing practices follow always an INNOVATIVE, SMART, ACTIVE, ADVENTUROUS and CHALLENGING approach, leading to the use of this latest technologic advancements, and the pursuit of the everlasting excellence that they provide.

Welcome to Tomorrow

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