The future of Digital Marketing in Scotland and the World

Future of Digital Marketing

The first question that comes to mind with this topic is: When is the future of Digital Marketing? 

In a common world with a typical approach, we would answer with a profound: NOW! However, the answer is more complicated than that. The future is each and every forthcoming day from now on, marked by the advancements on the digital landscape and technology, which occur at an exponential rate and are already causing disruptions on business operations around the world.

In Scotland, the digital marketing landscape has been clearly marked by an upward trend, as detailedly explained in our post on Digital Marketing in Scotland. For an even more accurate review of the current marketing and internet landscape in the region, check the post and spread the word!

The remaining question now, is: In what direction is Digital Marketing going? In this ever-changing and fast growing environment, business owners have to be on top of each and every innovation in order to keep pace with competition, and gain an edge on their business offers and operations.

What is the future of Digital Marketing?

Augmented Reality in Scotland

In 2017, a united marketing strategy between Scottish Development International  Universities Scotland, the Scottish Government and VisitScotland, lead to the creation of an AR mobile app, aimed to promote the country’s everlasting beauty, landscapes and traditions, to a worldwide audience. 

This technology, although innovative and revolutionary, is not just under the governments and big organisations reach. More and more companies are starting to implement the us of augmented reality on their daily interactions, resulting in some astonishing campaigns and advertisement feats that enhance and boost customer experience and engagement. 

Either being with the new interactive Museum experience, to the new age of retail customer, augmented reality marketing is the future of engagement thanks to its boundless experience possibilities.

How does it apply to Marketing? Check our Offers on Augmented Reality, and learn why this technology is a must-have for any innovative and challenging marketing campaign.

Enhance daily interactions with Augmented Reality.

Virtual Reality in Scotland

Ever wondered what Scotland would look like as a virtual world? Well, Visit Scotland offers this 360º immersive Virtual reality experience, which showcases the country’s most breathtaking sites and venues, unified under a digital experience. 

Wouldn’t it be perfect to allow your customer to immerse in your offered experiences? To let them see on first person, and from his own house, the wonders of their new prospect home and your retail offers;  Submerge in the world you want them to see, hear, and in time, touch and sense. Virtual reality allows you to rise a completely new environment, where the possibilities are boundless when it comes to the interaction between you and your customers. From Isaac Marketing Agency, we offer a wide range of Virtual Reality Marketing solutions to create the most astonishing and unforgettable environments.

Dive into a new digital world with Virtual Reality

What is the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

This is one of the most asked questions which has an easy answer: whereas augmented reality adds features to a live view of the present reality and surrounding of your user, virtual reality relies on the immersion on a completely computed based and simulated environment, out of the reality and views of the user. 

In digital marketing with virtual reality and augmented reality, the posibilites are boundless and infinite when it comes to create an engaging, interactive and unforgettable user experience.

Create an engaging, interactive and unforgettable user experience.

Holographic Projections

The use of holographic projections has been tight related with the technological advancements in the field, resulting in some interesting and wonderful experiences and new applications. The usability and affordability of this projects is still one of the main issues for regular marketing, but has started to create some astonishing project like the one created by the Digital Nature Group in conjunction with an Augmented Reality approach. There is definitely more to expect and see with this amazing technology. Check our offers on Holographic Projections and learn how you can create some astonishing campaigns thanks to it. (Now and always!)

Digital marketing holographic projections

The future of data: Artificial intelligence

But, is marketing just about showcasing your product and advertising? Well, not at all. What about the countless data generated every year through the interaction of users with the internet, our webpages, our forums, surveys, etc. Countless hours, days and months spend on big data analysis, reports and statistics that led to the final decisions of both traditional marketing and digital marketing campaigns and efforts. 

Artificial intelligence has been in the mouth of many people and technological gurus for the past years, with its supporters and opposers making all valid claims about its reliability and moral issues. However, from a marketing perspective in a data-driven generation, we have to admit that the new opportunities on data management and information gathering from our users interaction, prompt by the new advancements of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, will derive in a new era of insights that can’t be foregone.

From Isaac Agency, we will always stick to our code of ethics and moral, but also to the innovation that legality and common human accordance will allow to be used for the advancement of society. Therefore, the monitoring of this new advantages on data managing will be key in order to offer some of the newest trends on the near future in the field of Deep Learning and Data-driven Artificial Intelligence.

In a data-driven economy, manage data and reports as never before with Artificial Intelligence

The future in Isaac Marketing Agency

From Isaac Marketing Agency, we offer a wide range of augmented reality and virtual realityapproaches and strategies, in order to challenge the market and provide cutting-edge digital marketing solution that will allow business to gain an edge con competition.

In addition, by following our main values, mission, vision and beliefs, we ensure that all our digital marketing campaigns, as well as our traditional marketing actions, follow always an INNOVATIVE, SMART, ACTIVE, ADVENTUROUS  and CHALLENGING approach, leading to the use of this latest technologic advancement, and the pursuit of the everlasting excellence that they provide.

Welcome to Tomorrow

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